RCA Lead Workshop, Root Cause Analysis (RCA)
RCA Lead Workshop, Root Cause Analysis (RCA)

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Karan Hotel, Jubail Industrial City, the Eastern Province, KSA
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RCA Lead Basic Workshop:

- The concept of incident investigation and the Risk of repeated problems
- The mechanic of failure and undesirable consequences
- What is Root Cause Analysis (RCA) really about?
- Events/conditions that trigger the need for RCA.
- RCA approaches and techniques (Pros & Cons)
- The proper way of defining a problem
- Data-gathering Strategies and evidence preservation
- Analysis tools & methods to identify the causes
- How to effectively develop actions to eliminate the causes / reduce their impact and frequency
- Proper ways of Communicating findings to management/stakeholders
- Tracking the effectiveness of Implementation(ad)
- Exploring the common Problems with RCA process and how to overcome them(ad)
- Setting up RCA metrics and Trends to improve overall performance(ad)
- Demonstration of Facilitation and leadership skills throughout the course

The Course instructor is Mr. Attiah Hasan Al-Zahrani (Sr. Consultant, X-Sabic & Tasnee RCA Engineer)
He is also available for your inquiries on the e-mail address: Attiah@aic-saudi.com

Tickets are available online: https://bit.ly/2MM9ehW