Pixel Performing Art
Pixel Performing Art

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King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture - Theater, Dhahran, the Eastern Province, KSA
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Suitable for 8+ years.

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Having toured to over 30 countries around the world, Pixel is a mind-blowing mix of virtuoso hip-hop dance with cutting-edge 3-D digital projection.

This breathtaking show focuses on digital light projections that accompany dancers’ motions to strike a subtle balance between the real and the virtual world. It strikes a chord at the very crossroads of artistic genre; between energy and poetry, fiction and technical achievement.

With never-before-seen stagecraft, dancers achieve aerial and acrobatic feats in a 3-D digital landscape that changes with their every movement. On ground that shifts beneath their feet, a wave suddenly rises up from the floor, a grid of dots shatters into a flurry of snow… The result is a breathtaking choreography and imagery, offering a glimpse into the exciting possibilities at the border of the virtual world.