Material Design and Exploration Workshop
Material Design and Exploration Workshop

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King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture - Knowledge Tower, Dhahran, the Eastern Province, KSA
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Suitable for 16+ years.

Language: English

Admission 20% for Ithra members

Often in the creative process people get lost in the overabundance of choices and possibilities. This 5-day workshop challenges participants to play freely, while learning tools to structure their process and navigate the uncertainties toward a desired result.

Participants will engage a single material throughout the workshop, and will be encouraged to experiment, play and engage with this material in a hands-on manner.

While this workshop is specifically oriented to those in the creative and design professions, the idea of structuring creativity can be applied broadly in all fields where being comfortable with uncertainty is useful.

Objectives and Expected Outcomes:
– How to saw straight lines and curves on metal sheet.
– How to pierce a metal sheet.
– How to drill and file.
– Start making your own design.
– Finish and polish final jewelry pieces.

Workshop Agenda

Day 1
- Lesson plan for the workshop.
- Go over safety tips of using the equipment.
- Learn how to use the frame saw.
- Learn how to attach the copper/brass sheet on the pin.
- Start cutting the desired pattern using the saw.

Day 2
- Recap of day 1.
- Use the drill to cut details of desired pattern.
- Continue working on first pattern from day 1.
- One-on-one sessions throughout the process.

Day 3
- Recap of day 2.
- Start the new pattern.

Day 4
- Recap of day 3.
- Continue working on patterns.

Day 5
- Recap of day 4.
- Finish final pattern.
- Go over bending techniques.
- Finish and polish final item.

Design School of Azzah Fahmy Team