Designing Water Solutions ( 5 days)
Designing Water Solutions ( 5 days)

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King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture, Ithra - Knowledge Tower, Dhahran, the Eastern Province, KSA
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language: English

Admission 700

Suitable for 16+ years.

On a global level the demand for water has recently increased, surpassing supply. This is a result of industries, climatic changes, and poor methods of harvesting water. Therefore, sustainable solutions need to be embraced so as to mitigate this serious issue to ensure optimal availability of water to use in our daily activities. Exploring water quality and water as a living element. The challenges and technologies for cleaning water, from products for emergency use to reusing wastewater on site.
We used to store water in terracotta vessels, gourds, and skins, as well as, bottles, jars, and flasks. How can designers help re-imagine ways to deliver water in cities as an alternative to single-use plastic bottles?